Inner dream


The November moodboard at the Art Daily Cafe is an inner dream.

I created a collage that was inspired by one of the Finnabair Patron classes. This is probably my first collage.

What is my inner dream? I would like to change something bad for good, broken to fixed, ugly to nice. It's not just about craftsmanship, but about life. I would like to help you solve problems, help someone who is sad. This is something I can do myself, or at least try to do. My inner dream is that all people also feel the need.

The fairy represents this idea. Underneath it are old, broken, random pieces, this little junkyard. Magic spurts from her outstretched hand, fixing everything. Fixed items fly out into the world. Behind the fairy there is a cage which symbolizes that we are prisoners of ourselves and if we break free we can work wonders.